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Photography 101: Shooting in Black and White

To keep going with more nice ideas, now Black and White…

The Daily Post

Our last Photography 101 installment focused on color, so it’s only fitting that today we talk about black and white! If you’ve developed your own film in the darkroom, you know that working with black and white is a fun, rewarding experience. These days, many of you use digital cameras, so we’ll focus here on digital photography.

Over on The Gravel Ghost, photographer Merilee Mitchell wows us with her moody and evocative black and white images and photo stories: she captures vast desert landscapes, particularly in Death Valley and around California. In this post, she talks about her passion for black and white photography — and the power of telling stories in monochrome.

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Photography 101: Your Workflow, Part I

Great tutorial for beginners like me….

The Daily Post

In her Photography 101 tutorial, Leanne Cole introduced us to the basics of image editing, using tools in Adobe Photoshop. As we mentioned, you don’t have to pay for software to edit and process your images — there are free options out there like Pixlr and Picasa, as well as built-in tools on your Mac or editing and organizing tools for Windows, like Photo Gallery.

Today, we’re talking with photographers about their workflows: after a photo shoot, what do they do next? How does an image move from camera to blog? “Getting the shot” is just one part of the process. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beginning photoblogger, you should have a process for uploading and displaying your images on your blog.

Let’s read how others do it, shall we?

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